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Video. 12:03
In the "15 points" project
I researched google maps
of 15 countries. There are military conflicts in the territories of these countries.
I used google panoramas of 15 different places where there were military conflicts. The result of my work was a series of short episodes as if they were filmed on an amateur video camera. Simulation footage with the screen capture program was added with sounds from reality.

The process of exploring the terrain was continuously accompanied by the unification of heterotopies, first was a closed, deceptively safe, as a true reality, where the researcher was, with another heterotopies of all those places that were visited through virtual environment space. In the research process came the realization of the proximity of these heterotopies, the isolation inconsistency, the imaginary safety, globality and the world communities connectedness.

This project was exhibited at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. I also continued to work on it for an exhibition in Nicosia, Cyprus. It was the concept of a travel company offering virtual trips to war-torn places.

"Our company is engaged in virtual research of places occupied for military conflicts. It's unlikely that anyone will want to go on vacation in war-torn regions. However, we are sure that it is important for everyone to visit those places. We believe that traveling to the points of military conflicts helps to realize that the war is happening not on the TV screen but in reality. In today's global world community everything is interconnected and we can no longer hide behind fictitious walls. All borders are nominal and our security is imaginary. In a single world we must learn to listen to each other, negotiate with each other, or we will have only one way - into the era of the global war.

The purpose of our company is to run virtual tourism in countries where military actions take place. And soon any person will be able to make an active virtual journey. And today we are presenting our project in the form of short videos of several travels. Now we are offering you to become a passive tourist - a passenger, but very soon you will be able to fully make an active virtual journey through the territories covered by the war".