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Tbilisi, Georgia
Alexei Ezhov

Game Designer
  • Analytical skills
  • Documentation writing
  • Game platforms
  • Mechanics and feature creation
  • Monetization
  • Balance
  • Online play models
  • Organizational skills
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • Verbal communication skills
About me
Proper balance and proper analysis of player behavior is the key to high monetization.

Hello, my name is Alexey Ezhov. I have been engaged in game design for more than 7 years. Started working in a small company Brighter games from its very foundation until its closure. During this time, 2 projects in the match 3 battler genre were completed. The first project - Arcane Battles - midcore / hardcore with elements of a card collectible game, showed high retention at the start, but then marketing problems arose when scaling. The second project, Sweet and Sour casual/midcore, was done in partnership with a major game developer.

In both projects, I am the only game designer, my responsibilities included the development of balance, internal economics, plot writing and analytics.

After a long break, during which I was engaged in sales, and game design remained my active hobby - I gave a lecture to students about game development and game design, participated in several game projects with friends, I moved to Georgia, where, to my great surprise, I discovered the company - Spoody Games, where a game designer was needed. The company was engaged in the development of hyper casual games. For six months of cooperation, we managed to develop more than 15 prototypes, 2 of them were released on google.play. My responsibilities included creating game design documentation, searching and selecting mechanics, as well as managing a team of 2 artists and 2 developers.

Further, after the restructuring, the company changed the direction of development to gamefi projects - games using blockchain technology to issue cryptocurrency and assets to players as NFT. The project was developed entirely with my participation: research, search for genre and setting, development of the vision of the project and the company, preparation of documents for the search for investors, team formation.

At the moment, I am ready to consider lead/senior game designer vacancies, ideally in blockchain-related game projects.

Work Experience
Rhizome Studio
June 2021 — January 2022
Lead Game Designer
Changed the studio's activities from the development of hyper casual games to gamefi: studying the use of blockchain technologies in the gaming industry, developing a project with a play to earn monetization model, searching for a team, ideas. 
Created concepts and game design documents, pitch, vision docs, etc.
Created the way to combine f2p and p2e monetisation schemes.
Created a unique story and setting. 
Collaborated with the team including concept, 3d artist, Unreal Engine developer, project manager, producer and marketing department. 

Spoody games.
Casual and Hyper
casual mobile games development

September 2020 — May 2021
Lead Game Designer

Creating ideas and concepts of Hyper casual games, game design documentation, balance and ingame monetisation
Collaborated with 2 Unity developers and 2 artists, working on 2 projects in parallel
Coordinated the actions of the team.
Created +15 prototypes in 7 month.
Collaborated with publishers for testing and improvement of products  

https://m.apkpure.com/ar/eggsmash-challenge/com.spoodygames.egg smash

Brighter games
June 2013 — December 2016
Москва, brighter-games.com/
Game Designer

Created the concept and game design docs.
Created the balance and economics.
Created features and events. 
Created the narrative. 
Used analytics data to improve the balance and monetization

https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/arcane-battles/id7566 09906?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Moscow State University Faculty of Journalism
Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology

Department of Higher Plants.

Language Skills

Russian - Native

English - C1 - Advanced

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