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Digital printing. 2015
Free Space is the project that got me thinking about centralization problems.
A lot of surveillance cameras are working currently all around the world unprotected password and broadcasting recording on the Internet. There is no difficulty connect to these cameras, it can be done using the google, entering special Google Dorks - special search queries that can be easily found on the Internet. Many passwordless webcams can be controlled even by turning it in any direction. In this case the owners of the camera are completely unaware that their lives are continuously transmitted to the Internet for free viewing. And people who use the Internet to connect to unprotected cameras meanwhile got the name Video Hams.
Student gym in the US
I took unprotected channels broadcasts from the student gym in the United States, baby's shop in Vietnam, glass factories in the US, medical office in Finland, laundry in the United States and the cafe shop staff area in Vietnam. These six webcams and the people who are in the visible camera space became for me a kind of art media and as a result I got six abstract images showing about the movement of people in some kind of enclosed space.
Baby store in Vietnam
This project got me thinking about centralization problems. In 2015, when it was exhibited at the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Moscow, the problem of Big Brother was not yet so obvious.
Factory for the production of glass in the United States
The privacy theme has been actualized today. Almost any moments in life are brought up for discussion, and the state and corporations follow the actions of people for their own political or marketing purposes.
Medical office in Finland
Big corporations and governments are still collecting user data, and in the future they will completely form it. Big data and artificial intelligence are great technologies, but unfortunately, they are becoming powerful tools for social control. And so far it is impossible to exchange information while saving control over its use. Just like I am now losing personal control over my information.
Laundry in the US
Maybe decentralized systems will become widespread in the future because the current situation is approaching a tipping point.
Cafe shop in Vietnam
I like this project visually. Speaking of data collection and marketing, these works look great not only on the gallery walls, but also on my hoodies and T-shirts)))
Free Space was exhibited at the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, "Deep Inside", Main Project, Moscow.
And also Free Space was exhibited in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA).