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Video. 23:33.
I voiced the first memories of fifty strangers with a computer voice.
I created an android aggregation memory image with an endlessly spinning turbine.
I've asked people on the internet blogs to tell about their first memories of life. It was interesting for me to collect stories of people I've never seen before and didn't know what they had felt, or seen, what feelings they experience now, remembering these moments. Then, I sounded these memoirs with a computer voice. I created an image of an android aggregation memory of fifty strangers by means of videotaping an endlessly spinning turbine.
At the exhibition project "Antimuseum". "Elektromuzey". Russia, Moscow
Somehow wrote to me once: "It looks like you took a strawberry and deprived its taste, color and smell." Yes, it is. And it can seem that this machine is a metaphor for depersonalizing and depriving the senses of all the information that people share on the network. But my position is that technology cannot be a threat. There is only one important thing how we use them and how we ourselves perceive information. How much do we absorb stories that have already been reworked by someone else, just as this turbine did for us?
Video show Videoformes pop-up within the Polytech.Science.Art. Russia, Moscow
I don’t want to be a soulless information processing machine, but I don’t often manage to be alive and not mechanical. Because it’s difficult and painful, it’s much easier to be a machine. It is more convenient to receive a story that has already been rethought by someone. And then it's so much fun yelling for the truth you know nothing about. The machine can be the government, or it can be a blogger who increases the reach of the audience. But we always decide ourselves whether to be the machine.
– Video program "Limits of transparency" at the opening of the exhibition "Panopticon". a Special Program 6th Biennale of Contemporary Art.