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Brand characteristics
So, the customer experience when contacting the Rhizome Studio brand can be described as friendly, openness, availability of new technologies, fun, profit, modern, innovation, trust, secure, decentralization, expert knowledge, care for the environment.

Competitor research

Rhizome Studio's competitors are large studios that have their own corporate identity that is different from the games they produce, or also large studios that have a large game that matches the style of the company.

I didn’t consider small companies, groups of friends creating small games. They don't care about their brand.

Also, I did not include in this research companies with the field of activity that extends far beyond just the game product, because they are very different in character from the Rhizome Studio.

About logo style in general

Most of the logos have a minimalistic style, with clean symbols and fonts and also a lot of logos have more complicated symbols and fonts. Wordmark logos are the rarest of all.
It would be great to go two ways when creating a logo.
  1. Icon + font. This way is common, but it is a good path because in our case, the company will have its own token the same as a logo symbol
  2. Wordmark logo. The rarity of these types of logos is a good way to stand out from the competition. In this case, there will be a conceptual accent or one of the letters will be minimalistically highlighted. The token will be represented by this letter or accent.

About the symbol

There are several studios logos with the metaphor of the main game of the company in the symbol. Sometimes the studio and the game have one logo. Symbols with complex associations are rare.
The better symbol will be with more complex associations and metaphors, without direct references, but with a modern, technology, innovation, crypto, and games style.

About the font

All logos have a sans-serif typeface that represents a modern, technological style. Logos with classic fonts - serifs - are not found. This style does not fit the character of the brand.
It is better not to use handwritten, classic fonts, as they do not convey the modern spirit of the studio. It's also best not to use complex fonts as they don't look clean enough. It is best to choose minimalistic fonts. Yes, this will not distinguish the logo from competitors, but it will better convey the company's values - innovative and modern.

About the colours

Shades of blue are most often used in the corporate identity of competitors. Pink-purple gradients are also common. These are generally very popular shades for gradients in design now. Yellow shades are also very common. There are also red shades. The rarest shades are bright green.

Most often, bright neon colors and gradients are used. The space theme is widespread. The most common elements are polygons, Low Poly, crystals, and networks.
A minimalist and clean style can be used to stand aside from the competition. That will convey such values ​​as trust, secure, openness, expertise.

Neon can be used, but as an accent that will not violate minimalism, but will bring the spirit of modernity and technology.

Colors: black, white, silver, with accents of light green, maybe red.

Bright green and red neon colors are the main color, they both are associated with the values ​​of the company: fun, modern, like lightning they illustrate a more impulsive mood. In addition, green is a reference to environmental friendliness.

Secondary colors are black, white, silver. They are associated with trust, professionalism, expertise, reliability. White and silver are like glass and cleanness, transparency, and openness. Black is like control-free space, freedom.
Mood board
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